My walk through Christiania, right before moving to Shanghai.

// Christiania  2011
This community is In the middle of the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. The roughly 850 residents live under unique conditions, the authotities consider them as a large commune since 1989. They are regulated by their own law. This town, with in a city, has been under heavy debate and controvercy since 1971. The cannabis trade there was tolerated by the government until 2004. Since then, much effort has been made to "normalising" the area, this has lead to much conflict and on going negotiations.
When I lived in Copenhagen, I liked to go there every now and then by my self. I would go for a walk and get away from the stress and routine. I liked to walk by the water away from the center and everything that was going on there.
After nearly two years in China's largest city, I really miss having this escape. Being by my self in the quite with unorganized nature and crooked houses. I made these images in my final walk in the area.
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