I am drawn to empty scenes and industry. Not sure why, but I have always been like that. As a kid, I used to go to truck stops and just spend hours by my self watching the trucks come and go. This is a series of images from Aarhus harbour, I lived in Denmark as a student for a couple of years.

// Aarhus 2007
It was a Sunday morning, early, around 6:00am. I woke up, I was really awake. I sneaked into the living room, so I would not wake her up, I had my laptop under my arm. As I was sitting down in the couch, putting my computer on the table, I looked out the window. I was not used to these conditions, I almost could not see anything, the air was filled with thick smooth fog and the sun was coming up. I did not open my laptop, just put on some cloaths and went down to the harbour with my camera.
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